Sports Injuries

For athletes we aim to use sports specific and performance enhancing exercise programs involving specific strengthening and functional movement exercises.  Biomechanical assessments, functional movement screening and gait analysis may be required as part of the assessment process.  Our graduate training was in a sports environment, and over the years we have worked with our athletes to understand the movement patterns required for their sport so we can tailor treatment and rehab specifically to their chosen sport, and thus return them to pain free sport as quickly as possible.

Many of our patients have pain when exercising  varying from calf  problems when running, neck pain during rugby, to knee pain whilst cycling. We also work with sports men and women following surgery such as ligament reconstruction or a tendon repair.  At NJD we specialise in the prevention, treatment and subsequent rehabilitation of sports injuries.  Our aim is to relieve your pain and return you to full functional fitness in the fastest possible recovery time, whilst reducing the risk of re-injury.  We use current evidence based research, and  personalised treatment  and innovative sports specific rehab programs to meet the needs of every sport out their.


Our graduate therapists are experts in 3 parts of injury management that ultimately will get you better:

  •  Hands on manual treatment

  • Rehabilitation

  • Prevention

We use a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic interventions and techniques to achieve our goals.  Treatments often include both manual therapy, massage, acupuncture and electrotherapy techniques devised to complement each other.  We also use sport specific individualised rehabilitation programs and clinical pilates classes and 1:1 sessions designed to restore full function.

Our specialist field is cycling, including triathlon and duathlons - please refer to the bike-fit section for more information on cycling related injuries


Rehabilitation is the successful restoration of the injured athlete to the pre-injury level of physical fitness and competition, ideally, in the shortest, safest, possible time. Rehab focuses on the specific strengthening, stretching and stabilising exercises required for you to correct imbalances associated with the cause and compensations of your injury and prevent injury from reoccurring so you can succeed in your chosen sport without pain. We try to make your rehab as specific to your sports as we can to keep you motivated, prepare the body for the movement demands of your sport on return and to prevent re-injury.   It is generally accepted that treatment and rehabilitation should be based on sound scientific principles underlying tissue healing.

Poor adherence to treatment and rehab plans is often documented as a limiting factor to the athletes recovery. We have developed our own YouTube channel dedicated to our exercises so we can help patients with their rehab program.  

Injury Prevention

Prevention is the best cure.  There are many things that both the Athlete and Sports Therapist can do to assist in injury prevention.  We offer PREhab and REhab programs designed to target and improve tight, weak or over-active muscles, flexibility, balance and co-ordination problems as well as other aspects of daily activity or sport that may lead to increased risk injury or re-injury.  We keep up to date with the latest research and advice to best tackle these injury problems.

We also work within football, netball, cricket, running, cycling and many more sports during pre-season or leading towards competition, helping athletes with strength and conditioning, weight lifting techniques and functional movement pattern training.  This can be on a 1:1 basis or as team training.

Sports Conditioning

We run specific sports conditioning classes that focus on the strength, mobility and sports specific needs of an athlete to help reduce injury risk and improve overall performance.

Our graduate therapists have experience working in sports at local, national and international levels.  Our head therapist was selected to be part of the medical team at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, and also at Glasgow Commonwealth games providing treatment to the athletes.  Also she spent time as a volunteer working in football in Ghana. 

We also have worked in sports teams and with individual athletes that include:

  • GB  British Cycling
  • Triathlons
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Running and athletics
  • Cricket

And many others