Fascia, Foam Rolling & Self Myofascial Release Masterclass: 1 Day

5th March 2017

12th November 2017

Fascia, Foam Rolling and Self Myofascial Release Masterclass

This 1 day masterclass will provide you with information and practical skills needed to safely incorporate foam rolling and massage ball techniques for Myofascial release, functional stability and rehabilitation with your patients /clients.   Theory  will cover the make up of fascia and how the specific "fascial trains" provide movement and support to the body.  Furthermore, we will cover the effects of imbalances in fascia and movement patterns within the kinetic chain in relation to injury.  The practical sessions will also look at sports specific conditioning exercises particularly for runners, and cyclists, great for the rapidly increase market in these sports.

Who can attend?

The course is designed for manual therapists including physios, sports therapists, massage and rehab therapists, osteopaths and fitness instructors/ personal trainers.  A appropriate qualification for you industry is needed, and a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Course Content

  • Fascia and Fascial trains
  • Movement dysfunction associated with injury
  • Benefits of Foam rolling & Spiky Balls
  • Current Research fort and against
  • Self myofascial release techniques (SMR)
  • Stretching and mobility exercises using the foam roller
  • Stretching and mobility exercises using the Spiky Ball
  • Strengthening and Core Stability exercises 
  • Balance training and class games
  • How and when to use in rehabilitation and training
  • Sports Specific foam rolling exercises
  • Key teaching cues for class and 1: 1 environments


1 Day Master Class