Foam Rolling Workshops

Foam Rolling & Massage Ball Workshop:

Thursday 26th October: 7-8.30pm



Runners, cyclists, athletes, gym users: recovery following training is important, and a foam roller can help you.Never used a foam roller, or don't know how it can benefit you. Or do you have a foam roller but not sure how to maximise the use of it for injury prevention and exercise recovery? Perhaps you work popular areas such as the quadriceps and ilio-tibial band (ITB) but would like to know how to target your other problem areas. The roller can also be used for core stability training. The 90 minute workshop will provide education and practical experience on to use of this effective piece of equipment and look at some of the current research around it. You will also receive handouts with images that you can refer to following the session. Foam rolling is especially beneficial to athletes and cyclists involved in regular training and/or racing to enhance recovery and improve tissue condition.

This  workshop is designed for patients or those wanting to learn techniques for their own benefit.  If you are a therapist, fitness instructor or work within the health profession and want to learn about this in more detail then look at our full 1 day CPD course on fascia, foam rolling and massage balls 

Foam Rollers and Spiky balls will be available to purchase at the Workshop. 

Foam Roll Workshop Only