What is Diastasis Recti? (Mummy Tummy)

Having a baby changes your body and some elements may never be quite feel the same again,  however, these changes may not to be permanent. Some women have physical problems and pains during pregnancy and after having a baby, these can be related to pregnancy or birth.  Furthermore,  because of the things you do whilst caring for young […]

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Exercise and Training load over the Christmas Holidays

Have you have been training all year and decide to take a well deserved rest over Christmas? Doing little no training over the holidays is common, making time to spend with the family and trying to relax little. However your approach back into training after Christmas is an important area to look at. If you […]

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What events are you starting with?

What event are you starting your season with? Here at NJD Sports Injuries and the Personal Training Group are giving you a list of the events we are starting with.  Hopefully it will give you an idea of what is happening and some inspiration to get signed up!  Unfortunately the first few events of the […]

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Sciatica – A pain in the back side!

Sciatica, have you had it or know someone who has? Up to 40% of the population can suffer with sciatica at some point in their lives, and therefore is a common problem GP’s and therapist see patients for. But what is it and why is it such a pain in the back side? Sciatica is […]

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I sit on a swiss ball at work, how’s your desk set up?

Have you ever found yourself hunched over your desk?  Constantly having to move to get comfortable? Suffering with back and neck pain? Have you looked at your desk set up, to see if it is to blame? ‘Sitting is the new smoking’You may be wondering why I have chosen to sit on a Swiss ball.  I simply didn’t like […]

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What To Think About Before Riding A Sportive

Are you challenging yourself this summer by entering a sportive?  Being able to ride your bike with lots of people and feeling like you have achieved something at the end of it is great, especially with the fantastic countryside we have right on our door step.  There is a sportive for everyone with a variation of […]

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Marathon Season is approaching, what are you doing to prepare?

Many of you may have signed up to  a marathon/ half-marathon this year.  Maybe you have a few questions?  We would like to help your marathon season go a little smoother and injury free.  Did you know the number one reason for non starters is injury?  With it accounting for 42% of cases.  Also did you […]

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Are You SKI FIT This Winter?

Many people head off on their winter ski / snowboard holidays without thinking twice about whether they are fit for the slopes.  We see an increase in ski / snowboard related injuries as people do not prepare their bodies and strengthen their core and leg muscles to cope with the demand of consecutive days of slope action.  

This video demonstrates a few exercises you can do to prepare your body for the slopes this winter.  Focus on strength, core, speed, balance and posture, all key when trying to avoid injury when skiing or snowboarding.

Are You Ski Fit?

Triathlon Upper Back Mobility

Upper back mobility is really important for triathletes, to enable them to swim and run with good technique.  However the latest research shows that time spent in the saddle is stiffening up our spines and hips which is effecting performance and injury risk during duathlons and triathlons.