Bike Fit Packages

COVID-19 UPDATE- Please note due to current lock down 3.0 restrictions we are unable to offer any face to face bike fits. Please get in touch to discuss other injury assessment and virtual bike fit options

BIKE FIT Packages

GOLD Package:                            £240 -  3 step process with Dynamic Motion Analysis Bike fit 

SILVER Package:                         £180  - 3 step process with Static Bike fit 

BRONZE Package:                     £100  - Static Bikefit and foot pedal interface 

TRIATHLON Package :           £240 - 3 step process with Dynamic triathlon/TT Bike fit  

BASIC Bike fit:                             £60 -  Static bike fit only

Our unique 3-Step Integrated Bike Fit Packages are designed to harmonise Man and Machine. Unlike most traditional mechanically orientated bike fits we critically examine both man and machine in fine detail....from a Clinician's perspective. Developed by our Head Fitter (former Sports Therapist to GB cycling teams & Manchester Wheelers) and IBFI Certified Level 4 Bike Fitter, our unique bike fit packages are ideal for riders with persistent cycling injuries e.g. knee pain, hot-foot, or those in search of extra power output, and/or riders unable to get comfortable at the crucial foot/pedal interface.

Our unique approach has evolved from our own research into the Foot/Pedal interface carried out at Manchester Metropolitan University. Our research has been acknowledged by Specialized (USA) and Master bike fitter Andy Pruitt. Moreover, our findings have been disseminated and published worldwide.

GOLD – Dynamic Motion Analysis Package (allow up to 4 hours): £240.00

This is the ultimate in computerised Bike fitting science and cutting-edge practice. Treat yourself to our fully integrated 3-Step professional Dynamic Motion Analysis Bike fit package. Starting in the clinic, you will experience our unique highly publicised (head-to-toe) Pre-Bikefit Musculoskeletal Assessment - designed to identify cycling-specific problems e.g. anatomical and/or biomechanical deficits. Thereafter, you will undergo video analysis using Dartfish software. On completion, you will receive a detailed personalised rehab plan and comprehensive Bike-Fitting Report.

SILVER – Static Bike Fit Package (allow 3 hours) : £180.00

Our silver standard static bike fit package is more than adequate for most cyclists. The static bike fit package offers the same fully integrated 3-step process as above, apart from video analysis. You will receive a comprehensive 'Personalised Bike Fitting Report' which details the findings from the Musculoskeletal Screening. The report also details the Pre-fit & Post-fit observations for each 'Key-position' and comes complete with a summary and recommendations.

GOLD Triathlon Bike Fit Package : £240.00

We understand the complex science behind Triathlon fitting and the ‘key’ aerodynamics involved. Tri-fit necessitates a fine balance to optimise power-output, reduce frontal surface area (aerodynamic drag) and to conserve energy for the all important run. At speeds of 40km/hr, almost 90% of your total energy is spent overcoming wind resistance. A recent research study (2012) demonstrated that correct frame geometry and body-position can conserve muscle activity in selective calf and hamstring muscles. The effect is to delay localised muscle fatigue – which potentially leads to a better run. Our specialist Tri Position package is available in classic silver static package

Broze static Bike fit (allow 90 minutes) : £100.00

This is a complete comprehensive static bike fit but excludes steps 1&2 (Musculoskeletal screening and rehab plan). We optimise saddle position,  handle and stem, and the critical and complex foot/pedal interface. This option is designed to optimise your riding position at all 3 contact points (saddle, pedal and H/bars) and is delivered to meet your riding style, aims and objectives. This option also comes complete with a detailed electronic personalised bike fitting report. Not suitable for riders with existing injury problems.

Basic Bike fit: (allow 60 minutes) : £60.00

This is the elementary or traditional static Bike fit option. It does not include our unique musculoskeletal screening. We optimise saddle position (height and fore-and-aft), handlebar, and stem for comfort and efficiency. Settings are based on the type of riding you do and your aims and objectives. This option does not include optimisation of the complex foot/pedal interface. This option is not suitable if you have existing injury problems are if you are experiencing difficulties getting the cleat / foot position comfortable.

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring your bike, cycling clothing (shorts and tee-shirt), bring warm clothing, cycling shoes and any existing orthotic insoles. Also, bring your cycling helmet if you wish to road-test your new position out on the open road.

Our Team

Our team hold a range of Master’s degrees (sports science, sports injuries / research and sports injury rehabilitation). Thus, we offer a highly effective blend of multidisciplinary skills. Practical experience includes winning two National Titles (1994 Cyclo-Cross Series and 2013 Age-Group Standard Distance Duathlon); former Sports Therapist to GB Cycling Teams and Manchester Wheelers; and working at the 2012 London Olympics and 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.



Clients include UCI President Brian Cookson, multiple National Cycling Champion Matt Bottrill and GB triathlete James Walker and a Leeds heart specialist. To read our impressive list of here