COVID-19 Restrictions

We are now open for face to face appointments, however soom restrictions still apply.  Virtual or phone appointments are still required before attending your first face to face appointment.

If you do not feel ready to attend the clinic in person yet, we are still offering online and phone consultations for both new and existing patients.  What to expect in this session, we will still go through a thorough medical history and clinical assessment. From this we can then offer pain and injury advise, and email any exercises videos prescribed.  If you are unsure if you need a full consultation, then email us or call us on 01200 424507 , we may take a couple of days to pick up any phone calls.

We are still all running our clinical pilates classes online via Zoom.  These classes are live, and therefore we can still off normal cues and movement corrections.  It's also a nice way to chat and catch up with other class members.


Tuesday:  9.30-10.30am : Clinical Pilates

                  6pm-6.45pm: Postnatal - Recover and Rebuild

                  7- 8pm : Clinical Pilates

Thursday:  9.30-10.30am: Clinical Pilates

                     11am- Mum & Baby Yoga

Friday: 9.30-10.30am: Clinical Pilates


First and foremost, Sports Therapy is not just for elite athletes, it is for anyone, for all conditions and age-groups. Many of our patients experience pain that are non-sporting problems - which are a result of gardening, working, or lifestyle choices. Irrespective of whether your injury is sport or work-related, you will be made welcome. Our friendly and highly experienced team provides a professional service with the necessary skills and experience in sports injuries and musculo-skeletal pain, massage, rehabilitation and fitness training.

Our primary aim is to relieve pain and return people to their optimum levels of functional, occupational or sports specific fitness - regardless of age and ability - in the fastest possible recovery time.   This will mean different things to each of us – be it preparing for a marathon or triathlon, training hard in the gym or simply being able to sit pain free at work.  So whether you are injured through sport or work related activities we will use research-driven safe and effective personalised treatment methods to meet the needs of every patient. 


Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of function, occupational and sports-specific fitness - regardless of age and ability. At NJD we specialise in musculo-skeletal injuries (muscles, joints, bones, tendons etc.) including sport and non-sporting related injury. Sports Therapists are similar to physiotherapists, although some physiotherapists focus on sports-related cases, sports therapy is a completely separate profession. As post-graduate Sports Therapists we have a sports science background where academic and practical training were predominately developed in sporting environments focusing on musculo-skeletal problems.


What a Sports Therapist will do for you:

  • Injury Diagnosis

  • Treatment

  • Rehabilitation

  • Injury Prevention

  • Patient Education


We are fully trained, insured post-graduate Sports Therapists and Sports Scientists.  We use our clinical experience to carry out comprehensive assessment and examinations to try to establish the route of your injury rather than just treat the symptoms.  Therefore, we can work with you to resolve your problems. This approach not only facilitates a safe recovery, but also helps educate the patient to protect against re occurrence. We have a superb reputation as specialists in sports and musculoskeletal injury treatment - especially overuse cycling related injuries.  Our experience has been working with British Cycling (GB teams), professional football, rugby, fell runners (England team) and more recently the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and London 2012 Olympic and Para-Olympic games

Bike Fitting Service

Our specialist field is working with cyclists and triathletes of all ages and abilities.  Our unique 3-Step Integrated Bikefit Packages are designed to harmonise man-and-machine, thus, improve cycling comfort, performance and reduce cycling related injuries.  Ideal for riders with existing cycling injuries (e.g. knee pain).  Our unique research, acknowledged by Specialized USA, has been published in multiple articles worldwide and has been incorporated within our 3-Step integrated Bikefit-Packages.